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Ethical copywriting, email strategy, and how they can help your business with Yuval Ackerman
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Today our guest is Yuval Ackerman. She is an ethical email copywriter and strategist who works both with brands and e-commerce businesses to sell more and better with their emails.

Meet our guest

Name: Yuval Ackerman

What she does: Yuval adds revenue and ease to value-driven eComm and personal brand owners that want to see that crazy ROI from their emails. Using the three pillars of ethical email marketing – Storytelling, consent, and transparency – she crafts long-term email strategies that meet subscribers at their appropriate edge and gets the goals that each company aspires to achieve.

Where to reach them:

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Email is a part of a whole customer experience and customer journey, and as much as we all love to automate things, we can never basically skip the human touch from this whole process. That means that we need to be in continuous dialogue, not a monologue, dialogue with our subscribers.

Yuval Ackerman

Short overview

In a world of ever-changing technology, are emails old or outdated? Is email marketing dead in 2022? Well, Yuval is here to prove that emails are not only here to stay but that a proper email strategy is an essential tool for any business’s stability and growth. In this podcast, Yuval discusses the meaning of an ethical email and how to use transparency and storytelling to your advantage. We talk about the most typical mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to email marketing, how to build a proper welcome experience and why it is important. Stay tuned till the If you have ever wondered if there is a “proper” time to send your emails as we’ve covered that too. 🙂

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