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Daniel Greaves Talks About B2B Cold Emails, Prospecting, Funding and Bootstrapping a Business in South Africa
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Our guest today is Daniel Greaves. He founded a specialist cold email marketing business that is a mix of service and proprietary tech. 

Meet our guest

Name: Daniel Greaves

What they do: After years of experience in cold emails, in 2019, Daniel discovered that outbound sales are broken. That led to the establishment of Fuel to Fly, advanced data-driven boutique analytics and sales outreach company. Its clientele includes businesses in diverse industries, such as consulting, marketing, cryptocurrency, and staffing.

Where to reach them:


People definitely see comfort in the dot com’s and dot io’s domain names, so we always encourage them to try and stick with those traditional TLDs.

Daniel Greaves

Short overview

We talk about Daniel’s background in sales and what drove him to start a business. Daniel explains more about Fuel to Fly, what they do, what gives the company a competitive advantage, and how the name came about. We go over cold emailing as a way to generate business and what’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to email marketing. Daniel discusses some trends, changes, and predictions for the future in outreach and cold marketing. Our podcast ends with what’s next for Fuel to Fly, don’t miss it.

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