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Breaking the Mould: Authenticity, Building Networks and Exploring Alternative Career Paths with Cassie Spencer
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Today our guest is Cassie Spencer. Cassie is an East Coaster with a passion for helping others. As a career coach, podcast host, and content creator, she uses her Happenstance podcast to tell inspiring stories of those who have found success and fulfillment in their careers. When she’s not hosting her show or creating content, she can usually be found road tripping or tweeting.

Meet our guest

Name: Cassie Spencer

What they do: Cassie is a professional Career Coach and hosts the acclaimed podcast Happenstance. Through her show, she investigates how we can craft our ideal careers out of both the planned and unplanned moments that occur in our lives. She demonstrates how luck, effort and the unexpected can all contribute to the unique paths we take in pursuit of our goals.

Fun fact: Prior to embarking on a career in coaching, Cassie was unaware that it could be a full-time job. Fortunately, after several years of working with career coaches in her universities, she realised that it could be her ideal job and decided to graduate with a goal of seriously pursuing career coaching.

Where to reach them:


My best advice to students is to understand that anything you do, whether it be in university, through volunteer work, clubs, organisations, a part-time job, or a hobby, is giving you valuable skills and experience. Make sure to recognize these skills and strengths and use them to your advantage. This is a great starting point for a successful future.

Cassie Spencer

People today often switch careers multiple times over the course of their lifetime. Whether they are in the first five years of their career after college or in the twilight of their careers after 40 years, many people are successfully making these career transitions and thriving in their new roles.

Cassie Spencer

Short overview

In this episode, We discuss Cassie’s career journey, from starting her own coaching brand to launching her podcast, Happenstance. Cassie shares the motivation behind the podcast, her goals for it, and what she hopes people can learn from it. 

We also explore the societal pressure that has traditionally been placed on young people to choose a career path early on and stick with it for life, and how this has begun to shift in recent years with more people switching careers at different stages of their lives. 

Cassie shares her thoughts on common mistakes people make when it comes to their careers, and the importance of maintaining a strong network and being authentic. She also talks about the services she offers and the best ways to present yourself online and search for a job.

Lastly, we look at who can benefit from Cassie’s services and how to present yourself online and search for a job.

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