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From South Africa to Canada: Peter's Journey as a Successful Entrepreneur and Coach
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Today, our guest is Peter Wright. Peter is an experienced podcast co-host, speaker, and writer. In addition to publishing a book, he has a background in coaching and consulting. His wealth of knowledge and diverse background makes him an engaging and insightful speaker. Plus, his experiences living in various places give him a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.

Meet our guest

Name: Peter Wright

What they do: Peter and Kathleen Beauvais co-host The Yakking Show Podcast and video channel.

Fun fact: 

Peter has a lot of exciting stories to tell. When he was just five years old, his family left England and moved to Rhodesia (a country that no longer exists), where his father became a farmer. This bold decision of his father to leave a secure job and pursue a new life in farming has undoubtedly shaped Peter’s approach to life and work.

Where to reach them:


It’s not the challenges that life presents, but how you respond to them that truly matters.

Peter Wright

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Peter Wright

Modern technology is undeniably a useful resource, but it is important to not become overly dependent on it. We should strive to take a balanced approach by considering both the technological and human elements of any situation.

Peter Wright

Short overview

In this episode, Peter shares his experiences running a successful business in South Africa and now in Canada. We discuss how his life in Africa and the challenges he faced have influenced his coaching career. Peter also talks about his book and what inspired him to write it.

We delve into Peter’s coaching services and who can benefit from them, as well as his podcast, The Yakking Show, where he and his co-host provide actionable tips and ideas for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even some corporate managers to improve their businesses.

We also cover the impact of the digital age on businesses and individuals, and the importance of having a relevant and memorable domain and business name. Peter explains what Yakking is and why he chose that name for his podcast. Tune in to learn more about Peter’s fascinating story.  

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