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Louise Heite on Lucky Encounters, Living and Working Across Borders and Coaching High-Achievers
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Today our guest is Louise Heite. Louise has coached entrepreneurs in 27 countries and five languages. She has worked with various companies to help leaders improve their performance and make a meaningful difference in their businesses, lives, and the world.

Meet our guest

Name: Louise Heite

What they do: Louise runs a leadership consultancy for high-achievers. Her clients include Emerging Leaders, Serial Entrepreneurs, and Creatives. Louise has created a 4-Month Coaching Program to Master Extraordinary Results in all areas of your life. 

Where to reach them:


I truly believe, and have seen the results, that focusing on something that you are personally passionate about alway contributes to your work.

Louise Heite

Short overview

Louise is multilingual with extensive travel experience. She shares with us how she started her professional career, built her own brand, and broke into the leadership consulting market. We discuss her experience as a woman in a corporate environment. We talk about why Louise created her brand around her name and how it turned out for her. We discuss technological advances’ influence on various aspects of communication. Louise elaborates on the essence of her company and who can benefit from its services. 

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