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From Oracle and Zendesk to Podcast Hawk - Meet Stewart Townsend and Learn About Channel Strategy, Podcasts and Much More
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Today our guest is Stewart Townsend. Stewart has spent the last 20 years specializing in accelerating revenue at global SaaS companies through developing and managing indirect sales programs. He is now focused on Podcast Hawk, a platform to help entrepreneurs use the power of podcasts as a marketing tool.

Meet our guest

Name: Stewart Townsend

What they do: Stewart is the founder of Channel as a Service, a “results-oriented” consultation service for startups and established enterprises to boost revenue via the right growth channel through an indirect sales force. He is also the co-founder and CRO at Podcast Hawk, a platform that helps build brand awareness through a wide network of global podcasters.

Fun facts:

One of Stewart’s favorite jobs was when he ran a startup accelerator. During that time he met with the likes of Zuckerberg and the Prime Minister. The business eventually got acquired by Oracle. Stewart also worked with Zendesk, when they were 250 people big. He built a global channel program while there for over for 4 years, and left post IPO, leaving a 2000 strong team behind.

Where to reach them:


Most people don’t realize that podcasts are another part of the marketing funnel. Going on podcasts allows you to, one, share your knowledge and, two, use your voice to build trust rather than writing blogs.

Stewart Townsend

Short overview

We talk about Stewart’s background and how he got from working for various big players like Zendesk to starting his own company. Stewart shares how he created his brand identity and makes sure to send the right message to his target audience. We talk about what Podcast Hawk is about, the services they offer, and who may benefit from those. We go over the basics of what to do and what not to do as a podcast guest and how to prepare better and present yourself. Take advantage of what’s new and exciting for Podcast Hawk in the coming months, thanks to Stewart’s insight at the end of this podcast. 

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