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TripActions’ Vision Expands with Rebrand to Navan and Integration of OpenAI's API
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

TripActions, the all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution, has rebranded to Navan and consolidated its services into a super app. The new brand name Navan is a creative combination of the words navigate and avant.

The rebranding to Navan reflects the company’s growth and transformation. Initially, TripActions aimed to simplify the corporate travel experience, but over time, it has broadened its scope to tackle various interconnected challenges in the areas of expense reporting, spend management, corporate cards, group travel, VIP travel, meetings and events, and personal travel. This expansion led to the need for a new brand identity that accurately represents its expanded vision and mission. Navan has raised a total of $2.2 billion in funding over 16 rounds, with its most recent funding coming from debt financing on December 2022.

Our new name Navan is a combination of the words “navigate” and “avant” (as in innovative or avant-garde); it is the art of navigating the world of travel with ease and grace. The name is also a palindrome, which means it can be read the same way forward and backward. Navan’s offering is accessible from every angle and can help people travel easily and manage expenses efficiently. Our new name was chosen to communicate the company’s offerings in a simple, elegant, and scalable way. The new name is not just focused on travel — rather, it is intentionally broad, acting as a platform to service clients holistically through relentless innovation.

Ariel Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of Navan

Navan has revolutionised the travel industry by becoming the first company to integrate generative AI throughout its infrastructure and product features. The utilisation of OpenAI and ChatGPT APIs has allowed Navan to enhance customer service through a modernised contact center and optimise efficiency across its codebase. Ava, Navan’s virtual assistant, equipped with ChatGPT capabilities, will provide a personalised experience for users by learning their preferred airlines, hotels, and restaurants and incorporating them into itinerary recommendations. Ava will also respond to voice commands with natural language models.

 Since the company’s inception, it has been a leader in the travel and expense industry, incorporating AI to drive automation, predictability, optimization, and world-class customer support for users. Since we already had that infrastructure, incorporating OpenAI’s API to our codebase and Ava was a natural next step.

Ilan Twig, Co-founder and CTO of Navan

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