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Super Bowl Ads and Premium Domains: What Entrepreneurs Should Know
By Monica Stankova access_time 18 min read

The Super Bowl is a cultural event with a huge audience, making it a prime spot for ads. Year after year, businesses use the opportunity to get their brands in front of millions of people. But how much does the average Super Bowl commercial cost? Since 2017, the price for a short ad during the game has been at least $5 million, and it’s only gone up. In 2024, the cost to run a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl hit $7 million. 

What determines the effectiveness of a Super Bowl ad? In addition to making an ad that is visually appealing and memorable, it is critical to ensure that all elements of the ad campaign are cohesive. The key to successful advertising is a strong online presence, which emphasises the importance of having a domain that matches your brand name. This match is essential for capturing and converting viewers into engaged customers.

Why Exact Brand Match Domain Names Matter

An Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain name naturally aligns with what your current and potential customers, business partners, and investors expect when searching for your brand online. If your brand is named “Example,” for instance, most people will automatically assume that your website is found at This instinctive connection makes an EBM domain a logical choice for your online presence.

  • Easy Recall and Searchability: When a viewer sees an interesting ad during the Super Bowl, their first instinct is often to look up the brand online. If your domain name directly matches your brand, it makes it incredibly easy for them to find you. This is especially crucial given the short window of heightened interest following your ad’s airing.
  • Brand Consistency: A .com domain that matches your brand reinforces your identity. It ensures consistency across different platforms, from TV to online, which is vital in building trust and recognition with your audience.
  • Competitive Edge: In the crowded online space, having a domain that exactly matches your brand with the most intuitive domain extension can give you a competitive advantage. It sets you apart and makes your brand more memorable in the minds of potential customers and business partners.
  • Maximising ROI: The high cost of a Super Bowl ad demands maximum return on investment. An EBM domain ensures that the traffic and interest generated by your ad are effectively captured and converted into tangible business outcomes.

Let’s explore a range of ads that captured the audience’s interest, focusing on their marketing tactics and how they used their domain names effectively.

Verizon | Can’t B Broken

In the 2024 Verizon Super Bowl commercial, the global icon Beyoncé teamed up with Tony Hale from “Veep” for a memorable ad. The ad captured the essence of Beyoncé’s well-known capacity to “break the internet”, a challenge posed by Hale to test the resilience of Verizon’s network. Beyoncé, in her element, showcased her ability to create viral moments and spectacular stunts.

Despite Beyoncé’s creative efforts, including setting up a lemonade stand, releasing a surprise saxophone album called “Let’s Get Saxy”, introducing her own AI named “BeyoncAI”, embracing the Barbie trend with “BarBeyl,” running for “Beyoncé of the United States”, and even performing in space, Verizon’s network proved to be unbreakable.

The ad concludes with Beyoncé excitingly stating, “Okay, they’re ready. Drop the new music”. This serves as an ingenious method to introduce her two new songs, now accessible to her audience.

It’s simple to find Verizon online because their domain name is an exact match to their brand, This ease of remembering and accessing the website boosts its traffic and enhances brand recognition, thereby increasing the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. According to Whoxy, Verizon Trademark Services LLC holds a substantial portfolio of over 35,700 domains, encompassing various extensions and domains linked to specific products and services. Like many successful global brands, Verizon places high importance on maintaining a secure online presence. Owning such a strategic domain portfolio protects the business, plays a key role in advertising campaigns, and can be utilised for different sub-brands and products.

Temu | Shop Like a Billionaire

Temu, recognised as one of the fastest-growing websites in 2023, has made significant strides in the e-commerce realm. Owned by PDD Holdings, this Chinese e-commerce giant made an impactful debut last year with its first-ever Super Bowl ad shortly after its establishment. Now, in 2024, Temu returns to the Super Bowl stage, securing three commercial spots, each promising viewers the opportunity to “shop like a billionaire”.

The ad features an animated character immersed in the joy of online shopping, traversing an animated world coloured in Temu’s signature orange hue. As the protagonist dances through this animated landscape, she effortlessly makes purchases, epitomising the ease and excitement of shopping on Temu’s platform. 

Given the huge cost of advertising, with Temu securing three commercial spots, the necessity of viewers finding the website quickly and easily is paramount. Temu has effectively utilised its appealing CVCV domain name, CVCV, standing for “consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel”, is a format highly sought after by brands for its simplicity, memorability, and versatility, making it a significant part of a company’s online identity.’s straightforward domain name guides viewers directly to their website, boosting both brand recognition and sales.

The correct pronunciation of Temu is “tee-moo”. Strategically, the company has also acquired domain names like,,,, and This approach safeguards the brand by guiding customers who might mistype the name to the correct website, preventing them from landing on a competitor’s site or an error page. | Tina Fey books whoever she wants to be’s 2024 Super Bowl ad, featuring Tina Fey and the tagline “Book whoever you want to be”, showcases the wide variety of travel options on their website. Tina Fey employs body doubles to experience everything the site has to offer. The commercial features appearances from Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski, as well as the acclaimed actress Glenn Close, bringing their charm and humour to this engaging advertisement.

Beyond the screen,’s marketing prowess is further amplified by their savvy domain name strategy. With ownership of over 19,000 domain names, emphasises its dedication to a frictionless customer experience, robust brand protection, and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital world. This extensive domain portfolio ensures that remains easily accessible and top-of-mind for consumers. 

The addition of the .com extension to the brand name is a trend observed in companies owning premium domain names like,,,, and This approach simplifies the process for customers, making the brand easily memorable and directly accessible, thereby reducing reliance on third-party platforms. Such a strategic domain name not only bolsters their marketing efforts, particularly during high-visibility events like the Super Bowl.

KIA | Perfect 10

Kia Motors took a poignant approach with its 2024 Super Bowl ad, showcasing the emotional bond of family alongside its new all-electric Kia EV9. 

The 60-second spot follows a young girl figure skating in an arena, her dad watching proudly from the stands. However, his joy is tinged with sadness as he notices the empty seat beside him, usually occupied by the girl’s grandfather. 

The ad continues as the father and daughter navigate snowy roads and terrain in the all-electric SUV to reach the grandfather’s house. Upon arrival, the father uses the vehicle’s onboard power unit to illuminate a frozen pond, setting the stage for the young girl to perform for her grandfather, who couldn’t make it to the rink. He expresses his admiration by awarding her a perfect 10, scribbling the number on a frosted window.

Kia has a significant advantage with its ownership of the premium three-letter domain, This short and memorable domain is a vital asset in advertising, especially in contexts such as Super Bowl commercials where ad time is extremely limited. Such a clear and easily recognisable web address is key to quickly attracting the audience’s attention and effectively directing them to the company’s online platform.

Google | Javier in Frame

Google’s Super Bowl 2024 advertisement for the Pixel, titled “Javier in Frame”, tells the inspiring story of Javier, a blind man documenting his life’s journey. The ad highlights a significant advancement in technology and its impact on accessibility.

In the ad, viewers follow Javier through various stages of his life – finding love, starting a family, and capturing these moments through photographs. What makes this possible is the Pixel’s Guided Frame feature, an AI-powered tool designed to aid people who are blind or have low vision. This innovative feature utilises a combination of audio cues, high-contrast animations, and haptic feedback to assist in taking photos. The ad beautifully illustrates how technology can empower individuals with disabilities to experience and share their life moments just like anyone else.

When it comes to having a strong online presence, there is definitely a lot to learn from Google. The tech giant uses the power of domains creatively, owning a stunning portfolio of over 203,000 domain names. This impressive collection includes various extensions, common misspellings of their name, and domain names for different products and sub-brands, showcasing Google’s strategic approach to digital real estate.

Uber Eats | “Don’t Forget”

Uber Eats made a memorable impression with its 60-second Super Bowl ad, which played on the humorous idea that to remember Uber Eats’ expansive delivery service, you might have to forget something else. 

The ad featured a series of humorous vignettes with celebrities and everyday people forgetting important details. Jennifer Aniston starts the sequence by forgetting her long-time friend and “Friends” cast member, David Schwimmer. This theme of forgetfulness continues with other celebrities: Victoria and David Beckham comically forget the name of the Spice Girls, the famous girl group Victoria was part of in the ’90s; musician Jason “Jelly Roll” DeFord forgets about his face tattoos; and even Usher, forgets that he’s the Super Bowl Halftime performer.

Initially, the ad included a controversial joke about a man forgetting that peanut butter contains peanuts, which he is allergic to. However, this part of the ad faced immediate backlash upon its debut, particularly from social media users and people concerned about peanut allergies, which can be life-threatening. Responding to the criticism, Uber Eats decided to remove this segment from their Super Bowl ad.

Uber Eats, a branch of Uber launched in 2014, offers a food ordering and delivery platform where couriers deliver meals using cars, scooters, bikes, or on foot. The origin of Uber, founded in 2010 and initially named UberCab, is also an interesting part of the company’s history. The name “Uber” comes from the German word meaning “above all the rest”, reflecting the founders’ vision for their brand.

In 2010, following a cease and desist order from the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California, Uber dropped “Cab” from its name, rebranding itself simply as Uber. This change aligned with the founders’ belief that Uber wasn’t a traditional taxi service. Part of reinforcing this new identity was securing the exact brand match domain name Today, Uber Technologies, Inc. owns over 6,900 domain names, demonstrating its expansive digital footprint and commitment to brand consistency. 

For its food delivery service, Uber Eats uses the exact brand match domain, which reinforces its brand identity and provides a direct and straightforward way for customers to access their services. This domain strategy is pivotal in maintaining a strong, cohesive brand presence, especially during high-profile advertising opportunities like the Super Bowl.

Squarespace | Hello Down There

In an intriguing blend of sci-fi and web design, Martin Scorsese’s Squarespace Super Bowl commercial presents a unique take on alien visitations. The ad, marking Squarespace’s 10th appearance in Super Bowl advertising, features the acclaimed director caught in a traffic jam amidst an alien invasion.

Set against the backdrop of an alien invasion, the ad cleverly portrays how absorbed people are in their digital devices, oblivious to the extraordinary events unfolding around them. In one scene, a woman is so engrossed in watching a cat video on her phone that she misses a UFO hovering just above her. Similarly, a couple is shown more interested in their phones than the dog barking at the sky, unaware of the extraterrestrial activity. In a corporate board meeting, employees are too fixated on their laptops to notice a flying saucer outside their window.

The aliens finally grab everyone’s attention by broadcasting a website titled “Hello Down There” on all screens. This prompts people, including Scorsese, who’s stuck in the backseat of a car in New York City traffic, to finally notice the giant UFOs. In a light-hearted moment, Scorsese reprimands his driver, humorously blaming the route choice for their predicament. The ad concludes with a message, “A website makes it real”, emphasising the power and importance of an online presence – a nod to Squarespace’s web design services. Scorsese also directed an extended 90-second version of the commercial.

Squarespace shows the value it places on digital presence by owning over 1,200 domain names. This large portfolio of domains highlights their strong focus on having a significant online presence, a concept that aligns with the message in their Super Bowl commercial.

The Importance of Domain Strategy in Super Bowl Ads

In 2024, the cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl is about $7 million, not including the ad’s production costs. This significant cost is offset by the global reach of the Super Bowl, offering unparalleled brand exposure.

Given this large investment, it is critical to have a well-thought-out domain strategy. A mismatch between the advertised brand and its domain name can cause confusion and undermine trust among potential customers, potentially leading to lost sales and a reduced return on advertising spend. Take the case of Poppi.

Poppi was originally called Mother Beverage, founded by husband-and-wife duo Allison and Stephen Ellsworth in Dallas, Texas, in 2016. The brand debuted on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” showcasing an apple cider vinegar-based drink as a healthy alternative to sugary sodas. They initially marketed their product as an “apple cider vinegar drink” under the name Mother. However, they encountered challenges with the original name, finding it too generic for effective branding and realising that the emphasis on vinegar was off-putting to some consumers. After rebranding to Poppi, the company chose to use the domain 

For many startups, adding additional words to a domain is a common solution when they are not ready to invest in an EBM domain. As these companies establish themselves in the market, they often upgrade their domain names to align more closely with their brand identity.

For a company like Poppi, which has established its market presence and invested substantially in marketing, including Super Bowl advertising, not having an EBM can impact the return on investment. In the high-stakes arena of advertising, such as the Super Bowl, where ads from various global brands jostle for viewer attention, the ease of online discovery is crucial. Brands with EBM domains generally have an advantage in this regard. For Poppi, the existing domain might pose challenges in being promptly discovered online by potential customers, potentially leading to traffic loss, a negative user experience, and consequently, missed sales opportunities and diminished returns on investment.

Considering these factors, is it truly worth spending millions on advertising if your potential customers struggle to find you quickly and conveniently online?

Challenges of a Domain-Ad Mismatch

  • Confusion: If the domain doesn’t match the advertised brand, it can confuse customers, leading to lost traffic and sales.
  • Trust Issues: A mismatch can make customers sceptical about a brand’s credibility, damaging trust and reputation.
  • Branding Inconsistency: Inconsistency between the domain and brand name can weaken branding efforts and dilute the brand message.
  • Investment Loss: The high cost of a Super Bowl ad might not yield the desired ROI if there’s a mismatch, leading to a loss of investment.
  • Advantage to Competitors: A mismatch can give competitors with more consistent branding a market advantage.

Premium Domains: A Long-Term Investment

Investing in a premium domain name is a strategic, long-term decision. A domain that precisely matches or closely aligns with your brand ensures consistency, easy recall, and credibility. While the initial cost of a premium domain can be high, it’s a one-time investment with potential lifelong benefits. A premium domain enhances brand identity and ensures a stable, professional online presence. 

AspectPremium DomainSuper Bowl Ad
Initial InvestmentTypically six figures USD and upUS$7 million+ per 30 seconds
Long-term ValueIntrinsic part of the brand affecting all aspects of sale and marketingDepends on ad’s reception and impact during the event, limited in time
Ongoing CostsAnnual renewal cost US$10 – US$15 depending on registrarOne-time production and airing cost, no recurring expenses
BrandingEnhances credibility and visibilityEstablishes name recognition and customer engagement
Return on InvestmentMore stable and quantifiable ROIPotentially high but riskier
DurationOffers a long-term and consistent online presence; remains as long as the business operatesTypically aired for a limited time during the event, with some residual impact post-event
Brand ControlComplete control over content and presentation on the domainLimited to the constraints of the ad slot and broadcasting standards

Both a Super Bowl ad and a premium domain can significantly benefit a brand serving different purposes. A Super Bowl ad offers immediate, widespread exposure, while a premium domain provides a solid, long-term foundation for your brand’s online presence. Ideally, a combination of both would be optimal, ensuring both immediate impact and sustained brand growth. If resources are limited, the choice depends on the brand’s immediate needs, long-term goals, and budgetary constraints.


It is no surprise that all of the companies that ran Super Bowl 2024 ads on our list use .com domains, with 51 out of 57 owning exact brand match domain names. This highlights the importance of a premium domain name as a key to establishing a strong and lasting online presence for a business. Unlike the high costs of a Super Bowl ad, getting a premium domain usually requires a lower initial investment and has minimal ongoing expenses.

For many business owners, choosing a premium domain is both a more affordable and practical way to improve their brand’s credibility and visibility, offering a better long-term value for their investment.

None of the companies on the list has included a hyphen in its domain name. One of the downsides of using a hyphen in a domain name is that adding it to your domain name makes it harder to reach when typing.

While we make every effort to ensure the data on our site is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee its reliability. Our data is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, financial, or other advice. We strongly recommend that you independently verify any information before relying on it.

Premium domain names are a valuable asset for any brand. They can help you establish credibility, improve your search engine rankings, and make it easier for customers to find and remember your website. If you’re interested in learning more about how premium domain names can benefit your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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