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Unlocking the Power of .com Domains: Greg Isenberg Sparks Dynamic Discussion on X 
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Various entrepreneurs and domain experts share their insights on the importance of premium .com domains in an X discussion initiated by Greg Isenberg.

Isenberg reveals a significant increase in conversion rates after switching from a .co to a .com domain, emphasising the trust and credibility a .com domain adds.

Jannick Malling notes the importance of domain choice in brand perception. He points out how their initial domain,, didn’t convey the level of trust and seriousness that did. This change improved the brand’s image and enhanced its digital marketing effectiveness.

James X. O’Sullivan muses over the potential future value of his premium domain,, suggesting that owning such a domain could lead to substantial long-term benefits.

Derek points out the additional advantages of a great domain, including its use as an ‘insurance policy’.

Peter Askew shares how he bought for $20k and sold it for $120k, illustrating the potential financial gains of investing in premium domains. recognises the importance of securing an Exact Brand Match domain for startups, emphasising the possible traffic loss.

Other participants, including and Domain Robin, agree that owning a .com domain increases a business’s chance of success and can lead to better results overall.

This thread brings up some questions worth exploring for every business owner:

  • How does having a .com domain help a business stand out online?
  • How does owning a .com domain affect a company’s credibility and success?
  • How can .com domains be profitable investments, offering financial returns?

Choosing the right domain name is a critical decision for any entrepreneur, as it significantly influences your brand’s online presence and success. For those looking to deepen their understanding of this subject, consider downloading the book “What Do They Know That You Don’t?”. This resource offers valuable insights into the power of domain names and how to leverage them effectively. You can also examine the domain choices of various businesses across different industries for practical examples that can help you make well-informed decisions for your brand’s digital identity.

A premium domain name is a powerful tool for businesses looking to establish a strong and professional online presence. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand and boost your online presence, contact us for more information on our premium domain name options and how they can help your business succeed.

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