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Storytelling in Business Marketing: Tips from Geoffrey Klein on Using Visual Communication Effectively
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Today our guest is Geoffrey Klein. Geoffrey is a TEDx Speaker, an adjunct professor, and a Visual Content Producer passionate about helping people communicate more effectively through the power of story and visual communication. Geoffrey’s career over the last 25 years has been about helping connect the right message to the right audience for the greatest impact.

Meet our guest

Name: Geoffrey Klein

What they do: Geoffrey is the founder, CEO and president of Nine Dots. Nine Dots helps businesses create compelling content that generates more leads and converts more sales by producing story-driven visual content primarily awesome animation both 2D and 3D as well as video production to help brands cut through the noise, stand out and grow. Geoffrey is also a keynote speaker, who shares the science of story and its power at conferences, associations, corporate organizations, and higher education.

Fun fact: Geoffrey has fond memories of sitting around the dinner table with his father and grandfather, listening to them share their stories. From a young age, he was captivated by their narratives and this sparked his interest in writing. This early inspiration led him to pursue a degree in sociology and English, further fueling his passion for storytelling.

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I believe that we are all trying to connect with one another in a meaningful way, and that’s what we’re here for. And the most effective way to communicate is through storytelling.

Geoffrey Klein

Storytelling has been a fundamental part of human history, dating back to cave drawings and campfire tales. It is ingrained in our DNA, as we are naturally inclined to share stories in social settings. However, when it comes to business and marketing, we often shift our focus although we need to tell about how great our products are, all the features and the benefits and how great this award we won, and how long we’ve been in business.  Not utilising storytelling effectively is a missed opportunity and a poor strategy for success. The most successful companies often prioritise and effectively utilise storytelling in their marketing efforts.

Geoffrey Klein

Short overview

Given his extensive career, it’s always fascinating to hear how it all began, so we asked Geoffrey to share his background and how he got involved in storytelling. Geoffrey previously worked in the film industry and shares some unique insights on how Hollywood operates and the role of creative writing in the filmmaking process. We also delve into the benefits of incorporating storytelling in overall business marketing strategies. According to Geoffrey, the best way to tell a story is through visual communication, and he provides useful tips on how to do it effectively by being authentic and transparent.

He also highlights common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to storytelling and how to avoid them. We discuss the services offered by Nine Dots and who could benefit from them, as well as how technology has impacted storytelling. Our conversation concludes on a thought-provoking note, emphasising that sometimes it’s not about providing answers, but rather asking the right questions.

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