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Skyfii Paves the Way for Innovation with Rebrand to Beonic
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Skyfii, an AI data analytics company, has rebranded to Beonic. The rebrand aims to better reflect the company’s transition to a data analytics company powered by improved AI and machine learning capabilities.

This name change reflects the journey this company has been on from its humble beginnings as a Wi-Fi analytics provider. The company has transformed into a leading data analytics powerhouse for venues worldwide. Today, we celebrate this evolution and warmly welcome our new identity: Beonic. This brand better reflects our innovation-driven spirit, transformational growth and dedication to enhancing experiences in physical spaces.

Antony Karp, Interim CEO, Skyfii

The new name, Beonic, is a combination of the words “BECOME” and “BIONIC”, encapsulating the company’s vision to connect the fields of science, data and technology. Through this rebrand, Beonic aims to resonate more deeply with its global customers by ensuring clearer communication of its offerings.

Our new name, Beonic, is a testament to our future-focused vision. It symbolises our growth and unwavering commitment to delivering data solutions that enable our customers to leverage demand for their assets. As we adopt this new identity, our core values remain unchanged. We remain deeply rooted in our mission of understanding and enhancing ‘Places responding to People,’ a commitment that begins with our invaluable customers and dedicated global teams. Looking ahead, I am filled with immense optimism and excitement for the journey that awaits us as Beonic.

Antony Karp, Interim CEO, Skyfii

The company also switched to an exact brand match domain, Choosing an exact match .com domain name raises the company’s authority and credibility among customers and business partners, and gives a competitive advantage by distinguishing the brand online and building trust and influence. This is especially important for a company like Beonic, which has already generated significant growth and achieved a market position. The new name and domain will allow the business to expand its reach and convey its message more effectively.

Skyfii Rebrands to Beonic

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