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HVPD Rebrands to Monitra Removing Barriers for a Revolutionary Growth Phase
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

High Voltage Partial Discharge or HVPD, developer of championed cutting-edge products for asset condition monitoring, has rebranded to Monitra. With this rebrand, the company aims to align with its expanded capabilities and vision for the future.

Our new name, Monitra, will better reflect our company but also remove barriers for the next growth phase. We will re-emphasise our innovation, collaboration, and push for the path to operational excellence. We provide more than just high voltage partial discharge testing/monitoring, and Monitra is emblematic of the wider turnkey support we now provide to our customers.

Monitra’s team

Before the rebrand, the company used the extension, the country-specific domain extension for the UK, while is used by the Highland Village Police Department. This brand fragmentation leads to traffic and email leaks and often results in confusion among customers and business partners, as well as ineffective advertising and security risks.

Recognising these challenges and with an eye on streamlined global expansion, Monitra has secured both and the exact brand match domain name, which ensures their brand is well protected. This acquisition highlights a key and strategic evolution in Monitra’s global reach and market positioning.

HVPD Rebrands to Monitra

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