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Qapita Invests in to Match Its Growth and Market Leadership
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 1 min read

Qapita is a Singapore and India-based equity management company. Qapita raised several funding rounds in 2021 and invested in the domain name shortly after. This summer, the company announced that it had completed a 100% acquisition of Pune-based ESOP Direct in a full cash transaction. Qapita’s customer base in India and Southeast Asia will grow to over 1,200 customers due to this acquisition, making it the industry leader in this area. Additionally, the company will oversee ESOPs worth more than US$ 12 billion, with more than 130,000 employee-owners.

Prior to investing in the exact match domain name, the company had been operating on The length of the domain name typically increases when an acronym like “corp” or “inc” is added. The shorter and simpler your domain is, the easier it is to remember, say, and share with others. Exact brand match domains establish instant credibility and brand recognition and define the company as the leader in its field.

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