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Cleveron Mobility Rebrands as Clevon to Support Expanding Into New Markets
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

Cleveron Mobility, a company developing autonomous vehicles, rebranded as Clevon after splitting from Cleveron in April. The two businesses decided during the separation to rename Cleveron Mobility during the first year, according to Clevon’s board chairman Arno Kütt:

Clevon is a short and internationally memorable name. It also resembles the word clever, referring to our talented employees and smart autonomous vehicle, which intelligently solves problems related to last-mile deliveries, such as high cost and shortage of drivers.

Arno Kütt, Chairman of the Board

The company stated that the new Clevon brand would assist them in the implementation of their ambitious plans outside of Estonia. Clevon is planning on opening a representative office in the USA to develop and test new autonomous technology.

The new brand name also matches the name of the company’s forthcoming autonomous vehicle CLEVON 1, which helps create a more consistent and logical brand. The company secured the exact brand match domain name – Choosing this type of domain is a common step in the growth strategy of successful businesses across industry sectors.

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