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Names with stories: The story behind
By Kristina Mišić access_time 6 min read

“The leading Agri-tech company in China, XAG, has recently adopted a two-letter top-level domain at a whopping price of 12 million RMB (≈$1,794,152). is one of the world’s 676 rare two-letter domains, most of which have been owned by corporate giants.” (

What are the origins of your brand name?

Back in 2007, a group of geeks who are very passionate about drones decided to set up a company, that was XAIRCRAFT back then. It was mainly about drones by itself for the first few years when it started up. Later in 2014, the company entered the field of agriculture and has been seeking solutions for drone application for farming. We realized that to actually make drones do a good job, we need to put more things in place such as supporting tech and infrastructure. So starting with drones, we gradually build more and more around it. In 2018, we officially changed the brand name to XAG and it now represents this ever-growing group of geeks and their passion.

You had XAIRCRAFT, then XAG and now XA, now the brand can do pretty much anything (so not limited to aircraft), is that the main reason for the upgrade or are there more?

As the business grows, we are moving towards becoming a leading agriculture technology company. That’s why XAIRCRAFT has transformed into XAG, G can stand for a group, it means even we develop different products, sectors, services, and brands, they will remain united as in a group which grows around agriculture technology.

How was the process of acquiring the domain name, would you change something about it, now, looking back?

As our business grew bigger, it was time to acquire a suitable domain name and take a step forward to more international outreach.

As our business grew bigger, it was time to acquire a suitable domain name and take a step forward to more international outreach.

the XAG team

How do you value your own brand?

We hope that XAG will become a brand that represents the passion of geeks and unlimited innovations for the benefit of mankind. It sounds very broad, but what can be more important to a human being than caring for their food from a technical perspective? That’s where our brand value lies.

If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently with regards to your brand strategy?

Our brand strategy goes alongside our business model and has been serving the purpose. In the early stage, our business was mainly on drone application so the brand was XAIRCRAFT. As we move into the agriculture technology field, the brand upgrades to XAG, AG can stand for agriculture, and also can be seen as XA Group. XA is short for XAIRCRAFT, as drones are still our core business.

You have XAG MANUFACTURE, XPLANET, XGEOMATICS, and XAG ACADEMY, what unites them all? How do you make sure you communicate and preserve your values across the different divisions of your brand?

XAG unites all of our brands really, as our tech is integrated instead of stand-alone from each other, so it’s not difficult to keep the work together.

If you have to explain what you do, what your brand stands for and brings to the world, in one sentence, what would it be?

Make agriculture smarter.

Agricultural drone maker XAG.

What would your advice be to entrepreneurs who are wondering whether to invest in the perfect domain match for their brand?

We do not recommend acquiring expensive domains at the early stage of a startup company. But if the business has entered a stable progress stage, then adopting a suitable domain would help better building the brand of the company.

You are working mainly in China but now expanding globally, how did you prepare for that move?

Going global has always been part of the plan, but all great work has to start from somewhere, China is our home base and first stop. As the business grows, we welcome strong partners from around the world to join us and go global together. We are not lone players and we value teamwork.

How has the domain acquisition affected your team? Are they happy about it? Is it making their work easier? What is the feedback you get?

It certainly helps in terms of BD and other aspects. Our team is very excited about this change and the brief domain is easier to go into people’s minds.

Our team is very excited about this change and the brief domain is easier to go into people’s minds.


What should your global audience expect from you now, what’s next?

We want to deliver professional and effective results for our users. The change in presence is for better building a sleek and pro team for the users. We will keep on completing the agri-tech ecosystem, a global audience will see a wider range of our work developed around drone application in agriculture in the future.

Agriculture is not seen as something « cool » and often companies in that field don’t even bother with good presentation, marketing, brand image. You are very professional and sleek in your presentation, from logo, website and now domain name. Does it pay off?

Given the comment you make above, it is obvious our work has paid off 🙂 That’s exactly the kind of stereotype we want to change. Why can’t farming be a cool thing? Yet it should be, it’s a really professional thing, requires a lot of skill sets, and deserves respect.

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