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Vistaprint rebrands to Vista

Vistaprint is rebranding as just “Vista” and will be launching a brand new service powered by Crello known as VistaCreate.

Jim Heininger talks about rebranding, when is it needed and how to do it right

In this interview we talk about the process of rebranding, when is it needed, common mistakes made and some inspiring examples of rebranding done right.

NinjaRMM rebrands to NinjaOne

Initially a provider of RMM (remote monitoring and management) software for MSPs, NinjaRMM rebrands to NinjaOne. Matches the Brand's Evolution With

Headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, Kane Communications acquired in a significant domain name upgrade for the company that used prior. 

LSI rebrands to Arxada

To reflect its position as a new, independent business, Lonza Specialty Ingredients (LSI), a global specialty chemicals business, officially announced that it has rebranded as Arxada, effective from 21 October 2021.

inMotionNow rebrands to Lytho

Following the merger between inMotionNow and the Netherlands-based Lytho BV announced in April 2021, inMotionNow announced its rebranding to Lytho.

RDM Capital Funding rebrands to FinTap

On 14th October 2021, RDM Capital Funding announced it is formally rebranding as FinTap. 

Heat Watch rebrands to Runwise

Heat Watch, one of the nation’s leading heating controls services, has announced a rebranding to Runwise.

Vinewave rebrands to OneDirectory

On October 6th, Vinewave, a leading software as a service provider of employee directory solutions, announced its rebrand to OneDirectory.

September 2021 recap: Which brands and domains made headlines

Every month, as part of our Monthly News Recap series, we give you an overview of the most relevant branding, naming, and domain name news. Here are the most interesting ones, so sit back and enjoy another retrospective of the month behind us.

axialHealthcare rebrands to Wayspring

In September 2021, Nashville-based behavioral health and opioid use data firm axialHealthcare has rebranded to Wayspring.

Calendso rebrands to

In September 2021, Peer Richelsen, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Cal, announced Calandso is rebranding to

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