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I don’t need to invest in a domain name, everyone finds me on Google anyway…or do they?

The above is something I hear often from entrepreneurs – domain names don’t matter, people will find me on Google. It is a logical thought and a easy way to get the problem solved quick – throw some cash at SEO or just buy some ads – problem solved. Building your own brand on the […]

Panther Labs Gets a Domain Matching its Ambitions -

Panther is a cloud-scale security analytics platform that bypasses the hurdle of traditional SIEM with detections-as-code and a scalable security data lake. was registered in 1997 and was previously owned by Reflex Publishing. Reflex, owner of and, among many other premium assets of that kind, the firm is known to be quite dormant […] Doubles its Team and Invests in a Domain to Match -

It has certainly been a great year for The company says it has doubled the size of its team in 2021, and it is on track to double again in 2022. And it just keeps on getting better, till the very last weeks of 2021. The geofencing platform has announced an impressive upgrade, it […]

American Airlines Invests in

American Airlines is well aware of the power of domain names – amongst others, the brand owns the very rare two-letter domain name The recent investment in is a natural move to secure a term they have been widely referred to with. The world’s largest airline, since the merger with US Airways, and […]

BillFront Secures Funding and Rebrands to Vane

Fintech company BillFront today has announced it has secured €50 million in multi-currency asset-backed financing from Fasanara Capital and that it will go under a new name, Vane. The company has secured its exact brand match The rebrand to Vane reflects the company’s strategy to roll out a wider suite of financial products and […]

James Currier, General Partner at NFX, a seed-stage venture firm headquartered in San Francisco on names

Every business has a name, that’s quite obvious and we can all agree that you can’t have a nameless business. Where opinions divide usually is the importance that is given to a name. Over the last couple of years we have conducted numerous interviews with entrepreneurs sharing their brand name stories. We also launched a […]

Branding a product good for health with respect for our planet - the story of ODONTELLA

ODONTELLA is the producer of the world’s first marine microalgae authorized for human consumption. The ODONTELLA company was created in 2016 on the basis of the scientific and nutritional knowledge of Dr Alain Guillou. The CEO is Patrick de Bossoreille. ODONTELLA is developing a range of foods produced from marine algae and microalgae – a […]

Vistaprint rebrands to Vista

Vistaprint is rebranding as just “Vista” and will be launching a brand new service powered by Crello known as VistaCreate.

Jim Heininger talks about rebranding, when is it needed and how to do it right

In this interview we talk about the process of rebranding, when is it needed, common mistakes made and some inspiring examples of rebranding done right.

NinjaRMM rebrands to NinjaOne

Initially a provider of RMM (remote monitoring and management) software for MSPs, NinjaRMM rebrands to NinjaOne.

JAM Industries rebrands to Exertis

On October 13, 2021, JAM Industries, one of the largest and fastest-growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, announced its rebranding to Exertis.

inMotionNow rebrands to Lytho

Following the merger between inMotionNow and the Netherlands-based Lytho BV announced in April 2021, inMotionNow announced its rebranding to Lytho.

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