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The Owner of Has Changed
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

Now it finally belongs to American Airlines.

The acquisition does not represent an actual upgrade from their current and it is highly expected to see the company continuing’s online presence to remain on its invaluable two letter domain. Yet, the world’s largest airline, since the merger with US Airways, and its 892 planes, has been called “American” for most of its nearly one century of existence. As a result, it appears to be a reasonable investment to secure the brand even further.’s records show that, up until a month ago, the domain was the property of the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank researching government, politics, economics, as well as social welfare, before the transaction was finally completed this week.

Historically until 2013 American had been the only major U.S. airline to leave most of its aircraft surfaces unpainted. What stood out as a historic brand identity, much clearer than their competitors’, was in fact motivated by less fashionable reasons. American’s Legendary CEO, Robert “Bob” Crandall, later justified the distinctive natural metal finish by noting that less paint reduced the aircraft’s weight, thus saving on fuel costs.

Thanks to James for the heads up and his continuous and timely research on domains.

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