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Two-letter .com domain names
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 3 min read

For over 30 years now, .com has been the most popular domain extension globally. So it comes as no surprise that a combination of two letters + a .com extension will be a very valuable one. There are only 676 two-letter (LL type – where L stands for Letter) .com domain names in existence. And as you can imagine, they are highly sought-after.

A two-letter domain can stand for a brand’s initials, where the name is just used for convenience – like in the case of American Airlines – it is much quicker and easier to type in, right? Or, in other cases, you can’t imagine how else would the brand have survived – can you honestly spell and pronounce Hewlett-Packard? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one struggling. Luckily, they are known by all of us simply as HP, and they operate on You can tell the company meant business, as it is one of the oldest domains registered – back on March 3, 1986.

Fun fact: the founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard tossed a coin to decide whether to name the business Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett. Another example is Hennes Mauritz Fashion. Haven’t heard of them? Sure you have, just go to HM.COM.

You can also see global brands like Apple securing two letter names for side products – like was the case with their MobileMe brand. The service was since discontinued, but Apple still use the domain ME.COM for emails for their customers and other Apple-related services. PC.COM is another good example, it is owned by Intel as a category-defining name and goes to a page comparing PC to Mac. Smart move, Intel, smart move.

Some of the two-letter domains are reserved as second-level extensions for countries – – for China; for Germany, – for the US; – for Brazil and some others. There are 99 publicly reported sales of two-letter domain names with the top one being FB.COM, secured by Facebook in 2010 for $8,5 Million.

Some well-known global brands operating on two-letter domains

Domain nameCompany Name
AA.COMAmerican Airlines
BA.COMBritish Airways
BK.COMBurger King
BN.COMBarnes & Noble
BP.COMBritish Petroleum 
EF.COMEducation First
EY.COMEarns & Young
FT.COMFinancial Times
GE.COMGeneral Electric
GM.COMGeneral Motors
GS.COMGoldman Sachs
HM.COMH&M Hennes Mauritz Fashion
JJ.COMJohnson & Johnson
LG.COMLG (Lucky Goldstar) Electronics
MS.COMMorgan Stanley
PG.COMP&G Procter & Gamble
RT.COMRussia Times Media
SK.COMSK(Sunkyung Group) Group 
SC.COMStandard Chartered Bank
UA.COMUnder Armour
TV.COMCBS Television
VW.COMVW Volkswagen
VF.COMVanity Fair 
WB.COMWB Warner Bros
WF.COMWells Fargo Bank
YP.COMYellow Pages
WW.COMWeight Watchers

Here is a full list of all two-letter names and their lucky owners

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