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Names with stories: The story behind
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Natu Myers is an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of, a platform that helps founders save months of time and millions of dollars in the process of raising funds for their business. We discuss how the idea for the project was born, the process of choosing the right name, and what’s next for Raises in this interview.

What’s your background, and how did you start 

Good question. I started as a programmer. I went to Queen’s University several years back, a small university in Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. I did some coding, and then I learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and saw that there was a big gap in raising capital for blockchain companies as people were doing it in an under-regulated way.

And so I said, what about doing it in a regulated way? So I found a company, a small investment bank in Canada focused on being one of the first to raise capital for blockchain companies. I’ve learned how they work and operate; we closed a few million dollars in transactions. And then, I set up a different company called to fix some of the inefficiencies that we saw when it came to raising capital.

And why, why that name? How did you get to 

The original name was a different name. It was called Acropolis Capital; we changed the name to because we just wanted to simplify everything. 

We wanted to simplify the Capital raising process for people who haven’t done it properly by us being simple because if we have a name that’s hard to spell and hard to pronounce, it shows that we’re complicated. So we just wanted to simplify everything so that even a dog can understand what we do. That’s the point. 

So you wanted to not just talk the talk but walk the walk, that’s kind of what comes to mind. 

Yes, because the more people have us on their brain, the more they can remember us, and then the better our service becomes because we’re able to put our name in front of other people so that other people would get the credibility they want. 

In the financial space, a lot of our clients need credibility, especially with many scammers being around. Whenever you’re dealing with money, you have to just really invest in looking legitimate. As a capital raiser, as a business person, there’s no better investment than being legitimate and looking legitimate.

Natu Myers, Founder of

I’ve also noticed you have secured your name as a domain name. 

Yes, that was a while ago. I think that was 2000 and something. I was pretty young then and was learning HTML. My family secured the name. I didn’t know that much about the domains back then, and then we just coded an HTML website. The name is really important because people say, “okay, who’s the founder,” so everybody should get their own name as a domain.

What type of companies do you work with?

Lately, we’re focusing more on real estate, actually just simple real estate. We keep it open when it comes to the brand and the website because somebody may know somebody in real estate. Still, when it comes to raising capital and packaging your deal, we’re just focusing on real estate for this year because those are the people who get the quickest results, and they move really quickly.

What’s next? What are you up to?

What’s next is we’re just in the process of registering as an official investment bank; they call it Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Canada. Then we want to work on taking some public deals and just helping more people raise by building teams to sell, and people locally get the license to do that for us. So that’s the one thing. And then long term, just become one of the number one people in Canada that are changing investment banking and changing how people do business when it comes to investment banking. And we want to make something called self-serve investment banking, like a common term that people use in any way of doing business. work in the US, UK, Canada, and Australian markets. You can find them online on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or their website.

Watch the full interview below for more insights and tips on how to build a successful, strong brand online.

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