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Marketing and Coding for Web3, How Our Culinary Tastes Can Help with Naming a Brand, and Why Not to Be Scared of Trying Something New, with James Slusser
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Today, our guest is James Slusser. James has over twenty-five years of experience as a business leader and consultant working with senior executive teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His experience covers industries like telecommunication, financial services, automotive, agriculture, pharma, and others.

Meet our guest 

Name: James Slusser

What they do: James has served as a senior advisor to multinational corporations and startups, helping to craft corporate strategies, define and achieve marketing goals, and improve organizational effectiveness.

He currently runs Kurkuma, a marketing consultancy for startups in the Web3 and crypto space.

Fun facts: In 2016, after a successful career in finance, marketing and consulting, James was planning to retire. Somehow that didn’t quite work out as he ended up learning how to code for iOS on his own. James really enjoys cooking, which is where the inspiration for his brand name came from.

Where to reach them:

James Slusser

Understanding the significance of your brand name in relation to the domain is critical. And consistency is the most important factor for me. You want to own your domain across as many services that are relevant to your area as possible because you want your customers to be able to find you no matter what.

James Slusser

My advice to people who are afraid to try something new is to jump in and give it a shot. Because if it’s something you’re interested in and it resonates with you, you can absolutely do it.

James Slusser

Short overview

We begin with a brief overview of James’ background and how his journey led him to establish Kurkuma.

Before we go into marketing and branding, we talk about programming as James practices and teaches coding in Web3. He encourages everyone who has a remote interest in Web3 to try, as the opportunities outweigh the resources, and there is a tremendous need for Web3 programmers. James analyzes some exciting trends in Web3, as well as domain name related services in this new space.

We discuss the origins of Kurkuma’s name and how James’ love for cooking led him to it. James elaborates on the services offered by his company and the types of customers who would benefit from them. We talk about the educational aspect of his work and how satisfying it is to see people gain new knowledge, stay in touch, and progress in their journey.

Other resources

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