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HearHere expands service and product offerings and rebrands to Autio
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the travel audio entertainment app Autio uses geolocation to automatically play stories about iconic landmarks, cities, and towns in the area.

The startup joined with The Moth, a famous storytelling nonprofit, last month to contribute $1 from each Autio membership sold to support storytelling workshops and resources and to provide individuals from all walks of life a platform to share their stories and experiences. In addition, the company has added new service audio for travel.

Our brand evolution is synonymous with our mission to provide accessible and user-friendly content for all travelers..Autio is rooted in amplifying diverse and unique stories, and our new positioning will not only provide more opportunities to learn about the cultural richness around you, but users will also be able to recount first-hand experiences from underrepresented voices through our partnership with The Moth.

Woody Sears, CEO and Co-Founder at Autio for

With the recent rebrand, Autio’s primary mission is to ease discovery by providing customers with an infinite number of options to enjoy audio while traveling.

As part of our psychology, people tend to remember a brand name for a more extended period if it contains a popular term that can be connected to a meaning. In Autio case they have smartly invented a word from Audio and Auto – a perfect mix describing what the business offers. Such a brand name also assists in making the first move toward attracting people’s attention and peaking their curiosity.

Autio has invested in the exact brand match domain name, a name that reflects the brand’s purpose and clearly states that the company is here to stay.

HearHere rebrands to Autio

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