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Insurance Startup Branch Acquires Unicorn Status and the Exact Brand Match Domain Name
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Branch is a full-stack insurance company that uses data, technology, and automation to simplify and lower the cost of purchasing home and auto insurance. The company recently raised $147 million in Series C funding and joined the unicorn club at a $1.05B valuation. 

We believe that by reintroducing the power of community through data and technology, we can lower the cost of insurance while restoring it to its original intent: a force for communal good.

Steve Lekas, Branch

Branch was founded in 2017 by Steve Lekas ​​and Joseph Emison and started on the domain Startups often add words to a domain name when the brand’s exact match name is taken. This can lead to confusion among customers or leaks of information and emails. The previous owner of the domain, a financial services company, rebranded to Fruitful late last year.

On top of being a dictionary word, Branch is short, memorable, and simple, so it is no surprise that many other brands have also selected it. Here are a few examples:

The insurance company acquired its exact brand match domain, giving it a considerable advantage in the competitive international market. 

Branch Insurance acquired its exact brand match domain,

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