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From Clara Foods to The EVERY Company: A Story of Innovation, Brand Evolution, and Domain Upgrade to
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Arturo Elizondo, the Co-founder and CEO of The EVERY Company, grew up in a culture heavily reliant on animal protein. His experiences in 2010, working with the USDA overseeing slaughterhouses, became a critical turning point. Witnessing the process of how food reaches our plates and the associated environmental destruction, Arturo was propelled towards a vegan lifestyle. In 2013, his educational pursuits in food security in Geneva further enlightened him about the global impact of animal agriculture. This knowledge fueled his ambition, leading him to San Francisco in 2014 with a one-way ticket and a determined mindset to address these challenges.

In San Francisco, Arturo, along with David Anchel and Isha Datar, whom he met through the New Harvest research community, founded Clara Foods in November 2014. This company was driven by a mission to create ethical and sustainable proteins through scientific innovation. Over the years, the team dedicated themselves to research and development, leading to the launch of the world’s first nature-identical, animal-free pepsin in 2021.

Recognising the need to align the brand with its broader vision, Clara Foods rebranded to The EVERY Company in 2021. This change declared the company’s commitment to making animal-free proteins accessible to everyone, everywhere. Along with the rebrand, they launched EVERY ClearEgg, their first animal-free egg protein product.

The EVERY brand name embodies our values of collaboration and optimism, and our belief that by working together we can build a more sustainable future for everyone.

Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of The EVERY Company

With the transition to The EVERY Company, the firm secured the domain, aligning with its new brand identity. Demonstrating a serious commitment to its online presence and brand strategy, in 2023, the company acquired the premium domain name

Dictionary word .com domains, such as, are coveted assets in the business world for their inherent simplicity, memorability, and authoritative presence. Such domains are highly sought after for their ability to provide instant brand recognition and credibility. They are easy for customers to remember, contributing to better brand recall and increased online visibility. By acquiring, The EVERY Company has made a clear statement about its intention to be at the forefront of its industry, both in terms of its innovative products and its online presence.

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