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Desktop Rebrands to Webtop: Premium Domain Hits the Market
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read, a cloud service that brings teams, tools, and devices together in an integrated online workspace, originated from Rolf Larsen’s initiative to optimise remote work efficiency. In an interview with Smartbranding, Larsen, CEO and Founder, shared how managing remote teams and coordinating online resources inspired the creation of The name “Desktop” was chosen for its straightforwardness, ease of recall, and direct connection to the offered services.

In late 2023, Larsen revealed the company’s rebrand to Webtop, transitioning to the exact brand match domain This move mirrors the brand’s forward-looking vision, aiming to boost funding and growth. It marks a pivotal development in Webtop’s market journey, opening doors to innovative prospects, growth, and new partnerships.

I’m thrilled to share a pivotal update in our company’s journey. We’re entering a new era, rebranding from to This change symbolises our dedication to growth, innovation, and staying ahead in the dynamic SaaS landscape. Why the Rebrand? – In a market where securing growth funding is increasingly challenging, we’ve taken a bold step. We’re leveraging our asset, the domain name, by divesting it. This strategic move boosts our funding, fortifying our position for future growth. aligns perfectly with our vision and services, heralding an exciting new chapter for us.

Rolf Larsen, LinkedIn post

The evolution of underscores the importance of a powerful domain name in establishing a successful brand and its potential as a profitable investment. Premium domains, like, are recognised for their higher resale values, representing long-term assets of sustained value. Their brevity and memorability make them highly desirable, providing a strong online presence and authenticity. The limited availability of such descriptive domains further increases their worth.

As announced by Larsen, is set for auction preliminarily scheduled for spring 2024, a significant milestone in the domain’s exciting history.

A Unique Opportunity for big brands and Domain Enthusiasts: For those in my network interested in premium domain names, is now on the market. This presents a rare opportunity to own a valuable digital asset.

Rolf Larsen, LinkedIn post

Desktop Rebrands to Webtop: Premium Domain Hits the Market

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