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Beachbody Rebrands to BODi: A Move Towards Embracing Authenticity and Personalisation in Pursuit of Health and Fitness Goals
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

Beachbody, a subscription-based digital fitness and nutrition platform, is changing its name to BODi to reflect its new Health Esteem category. This new approach rejects the traditional playbook of pursuing a healthy lifestyle based on self-criticism, which Beachbody used to follow.

We felt it was important to change the name of the platform from Beachbody because it was actually focusing people on an outcome and an ideal. People don’t care about the outcome if it’s at the expense of their self-esteem or lifestyle. 

Carl Daikeler, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of BODi

BODi’s new platform encourages people to embrace their authentic selves before pursuing health and fitness goals rather than tying their self-esteem to a specific outcome like a “beach body.” The company is committed to honouring individuals of all sizes, shapes, and health situations, offering a personalised and effective solution that fits with each person’s lifestyle.

The industry is quick to talk about how amazing its services are, but people know better. Before they engage, they need to know how they’re going to overcome the obstacles which have derailed them in the past. That’s the power of a Health Esteem routine. It’s built for real life, with recovery tools so people never feel like they failed, and it’s how a great life can co-exist with the pursuit of health and fitness goals. Nobody else was enabling that. Now we are. 

Carl Daikeler, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of BODi

BODi has also dedicated an entire channel to monthly Mindset master classes and hired renowned fitness expert-turned-author and positive psychology performance coach Petra Kolber as Vice President of Personal Development and Mindset.

One thing I’ve learned after 30 years in the fitness industry is that it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside, if you are not happy with how you feel on the inside.

Petra Kolber, Vice President of Personal Development and Mindset

The strategic decision to adopt a new brand name and identity is a significant step forward for the company, allowing it to expand its horizons and move beyond the limitations of its legacy Beachbody name.

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