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Aramark Introduces Vestis and Secures Growth Path with Acquisition
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Aramark, a global leader in food, facilities management, and uniforms, has announced that it will name its new company, Vestis, following the spin-off of its uniform services business. The name Vestis comes from the Latin word for “clothes,” tying closely to the company’s core service of uniform rentals.

The name also has a deeper meaning. In Latin, the phrase “vestis virum facit” translates to “clothes make the person,” capturing the importance of uniforms in professional settings. To make it clear what the company offers, Vestis will use the tagline “Uniforms and Workplace Supplies.”

Our new name, Vestis, connects us to our purpose as an organisation – deliver uniforms and supplies that empower people to do good work and good things for others while at work.

Kim Scott, President and CEO of Aramark and CEO of Vestis

Vestis is already a leader in the uniform and workplace supplies market. The company serves a wide range of customers in North America, from large Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses across many industries.

In terms of its online presence, Vestis has secured the exact brand match domain name This is a smart move for building a strong online brand and for future growth. Having a premium domain like makes it easier for customers to find them and adds credibility to the business as it expands and diversifies its services. The new name and domain acquisition show that Aramark is strategically planning for Vestis to become a strong, independent company in the uniform and workplace supplies market.

Aramark Introduces Vestis, Aramark new company Vestis

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