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AcuityAds Rebrands to illumin, Paving a Way for Growth and Innovation
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

In April 2023, AcuityAds, a leading digital advertising software company with a focus on journey advertising, announced a significant change in its corporate identity. The company will now be known as illumin, a name derived from its flagship platform, launched back in 2020. Since its introduction, the illumin platform has achieved tremendous success, and the rebranding reflects the company’s mission to illuminate the path for brands to connect with their customers through the power of data-driven advertising.

As illumin, we take on the name of our state-of-the-art journey advertising platform and embrace the future of adtech. For us, our brand goes far beyond our logo; it is a promise we make to our customers. illumin is a brand that lets us tell our story – it shows our values, shares our vision, and defines our goals. illumin is ambitious – big and bold – and it represents our very best.

Tony Vlismas, VP of Marketing of illumin

The previous name, AcuityAds, had become limiting as it tied the business to a particular set of services. By adopting the name of its flagship platform, the company can now expand its horizons, moving beyond the constraints that come with having “ads” in its name. This rebrand enables illumin to forge ahead in its pursuit of fresh opportunities for growth and innovation, unshackled by any narrow niche.

As our solutions have matured, so have we, and our original moniker no longer encompasses everything that we are and everything we are capable of. As illumin, we can reach new customers, and build a marketing engine powered by a brand that is able to grow into the future. illumin gives our brand a purpose; a purpose that ties it to our mission.

Tony Vlismas, VP of Marketing of illumin

The company has also transitioned to an exact brand match domain, The new domain name allows the business to further strengthen its online presence and expand its reach, providing a strong foundation for future growth and success.

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