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Woodsense Rebrands to Tector: Expanding Beyond the Timber Market with Innovative Moisture Solutions
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Woodsense, a leading Nordic company specialising in moisture monitoring technology, has rebranded to Tector. This change reflects the company’s expansion into a broader market following the successful application of its moisture detection technology in timber construction. Now, this technology is also being effectively used on flat roofs made from various materials. 

From day 1, the company’s mission has been to mitigate moisture damage in buildings. Early on, we observed widespread industry frustrations surrounding leaks in flat roofs. When we found a way to solve this massive problem, users quickly started to spread the knowledge of our solution and we realised that we could do more than just support in timber construction – we could help eliminate damages related to water ingress in all areas of the building across any sector.

Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO of Tector

The name Tector, derived from “detector” and “protector,” reflects the company’s commitment to providing clear, actionable solutions that reduce risk and enhance the durability of buildings.

From detection to protection, Tector empowers developers to build with confidence and resilience, safeguarding investments and promoting durability.

Tector’s team

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Woodsense Rebrands to Tector

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