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Unlocking the Potential of domain name: The Benefits of Descriptive Naming
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

The sale of the domain name made headlines as one of the largest publicly reported domain name sales of all time, with the buyer and seller remaining unidentified. Reports indicate, however, that the buyer has an impressive portfolio of top-tier blockchain and big tech-oriented domain names.

NFT itself stands for a non-fungible token, a digitally unique identifier that is registered on a blockchain, used to authenticate and verify ownership, and cannot be replicated, exchanged, or divided.

A company can be defined and identified in various ways, such as using a unique or suggestive name like “Google” or “Puma”, or a descriptive name that directly communicates what the company does, like “Bakery” or “Plumbing Services”. Descriptive names are straightforward and functional, providing clear information to customers without requiring them to interpret the name’s meaning.

Descriptive domain names like provide an easy way to understand what or how something works.

Mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all.

Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

By using common or industry-standard language, customers are presented with a clear categorization of the offering, lessening the cognitive burden. The Familiarity Principle demonstrates how humans are biased toward things that are familiar to them. If a name/product is similar to something they have encountered before, they are more likely to prefer it to something that is completely new.

The findings of the Association for Consumer Research’s Inference from Brand Names study further bolster this point, revealing that:

 Brands with descriptive names were consistently rated as higher quality, more effective, more positive and more likely to purchase than brands with non-descriptive names.

Descriptive names are also the most accommodating and comprehensible for an international audience and are the best option when attempting to enter the global market.

The NFT market has seen rapid growth across different industries such as gaming, sports, and art. Reports from Cointelegraph suggest that the NFT market could potentially be worth $231 billion by 2030. To learn more about this trend and its impact on various sectors, read our articles below:

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