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Top NFT selling artists of 2021 and their domain names
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read


The popularity of NFT continues to grow, hitting a $10.67 billion trading volume in the third quarter of 2021 – a 704% increase from the previous quarter.

From photographers and digital artists to motion designers and painters, the NFT art space is bursting with all kinds of creative forms, drawing inspiration from all parts of the globe and bringing it together in one place.

NFT art aims to benefit digital artists and collectors, allowing them to gain formal recognition for their work. NFTs have paved the way for many digital artists to be recognized and appreciated, creating unlimited possibilities for art monetization.

The smart contracts and royalties offer an attractive proposition to artists all over the world.

Seyi Awotunde, CEO of Opulence 

We have gathered a list of 26 trending NFTs artists worth following in 2022 and will have a closer look at some of the names and their projects.



Mike Winkelmann is the digital artist behind BEEPLE. He made history with his $69 million Christie’s record sale of “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” NFT, which positions him among the top three most valuable living artists. BEEPLE maintains a solid online fan base with over 2.5 million followers across social channels. The artists maintain a website on the domain name

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Beeple’s collage, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, sold at Christie’s | Beeple

Trevor Jones 

Trevor Jones is an artist from Scotland. He is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known crypto artists. He primarily creates paintings and then animates them. Trevor has the highest average sale on SuperRare ($5,326), with his first NFT selling for more than $10,000. Trevor Jone’s art collection available for purchase can be found here. More about the artist and his latest projects is available on his website

Bitcoin Angel |


AK is a mysterious artist with a hidden identity and the second artist ruling the crypto art world after Beeple. PAK’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have more than 3 million followers, with Elon Musk amongst them. PАК’s work, with a total value of $7.15 million and a single piece selling for nearly $150,000, could be auctioned at Sotheby’s or Christie’s. PАК’s artwork is available at The artist does not operate a functional website.

NFTs here

Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones, aka Michah Dowbak, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Mad Dog On Friday, April 23, Mad Dog Jones’ REPLICATOR (2021) (the world’s first self-replicating NFT) sold at auction for $4.1 million, making him the most expensive living Canadian artist. Mad Dog Jones runs an exact brand match domain website

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Shawna X

Shawna X is a New York-based artist that works with various mediums across digital, spatial, and motion spaces. The company has worked with brands like Adidas and Adobe. 

I’m drawn to sensitivity and works that come from an intuitive space. I approach these works in the same way I approach living – by feeling. The variety of animations evoke various sensations that feel free-flowing, easy, and dynamic.

Shawna |

Shawna’s work can be found on her website

Dust to Body to Dust Again, 2018 |

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