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The Journey to Exceptional Product Leadership: A Conversation with Tami Reiss
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Our guest for this episode is Tami Reiss, a seasoned product leader coach with over 15 years of experience guiding product leaders and teams towards success. With a diverse background in B2B SaaS organisations and consulting with companies like Humana, JPMorgan, and TheKnotWW, Tami’s primary focus is on coaching product executives through treating themselves as a product.

Meet our guest

Name: Tami Reiss

What they do: Tami is the founder and CEO of The Product Leader Coach, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to empowering leaders in advancing their careers. Specialising in coaching, training, and advisory services, Tami works closely with individuals to transform proficient product managers into exceptional product leaders.

Interesting fact: Tami is currently working on a book titled “Where To? How outcome oriented thinking gets you where you want to go” and is offering 100 free virtual versions of a talk by the same name. Sign up your team here.

Where to reach them:


Tami Reiss is the founder and CEO of The Product Leader Coach, a consulting firm dedicated to empowering leaders in advancing their careers.

Securing the domain was my way of firmly establishing my path forward. Just as writing down notes solidifies ideas, owning that URL provided a tangible reminder of my commitment to pursue my next chapter whenever the opportunity arose.

Tami Reiss

Building trust and confidence as a product leader involves seeking guidance beyond your immediate circle. It’s about recognising the value of user feedback, even in unexpected places.

Tami Reiss

Short overview

Tami Reiss shares her journey from tech industry veteran to coach and mentor for product leaders. We discuss how she chose The Product Leader Coach as a brand name, envisioning herself transitioning into a role where she could leverage her expertise to coach executives. Tami provides insights on the value of domain names, citing examples from her experiences. She highlights the significance of shorter, more memorable domains like, used by Cornerstone OnDemand, and, acquired by a car startup. She discusses the challenges faced in acquiring educational domain names like .edu extensions and the strategic decision by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures to purchase for clarity amidst the success of the Clubhouse app.

When asked about the most common reasons people reach out to her, Tami shares that she often works with the head-of-product executives who seek to excel in their roles but need more peers to turn to for advice without undermining their leadership. 

Discussing leadership, technology, and product development, Tami shares that people with a product-oriented mindset can quickly adapt to new industries due to their ability to ask the right questions and find sustainable solutions. She values humility and a growth mindset in product leaders, believing it leads to better outcomes and stronger relationships with team members.

Regarding AI and its influence in modern life, Tami believes that some jobs cannot be replaced by AI, citing public speaking and inspirational speaking as examples.

In 2024, Tami anticipates the release of her children’s book “What do Product Managers Do?” and is working on her business book, offering free virtual talks to organisations to gather valuable feedback and refine her content.

Key moments

  • Product leadership coaching and career development. (0:02)
  • Domain names, their value, and purchases. (4:12)
  • Brand names, domain names, and marketing. (9:47)
  • Product leadership challenges and solutions. (15:02)
  • Coaching, leadership, and personal growth. (18:17)
  • Leadership, technology, and product development. (24:15)
  • AI, product management, and career development. (28:47)

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