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SEO Expert Insights: Interview with Nikola Minkov, Founder of Serpact & Trackian
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Our guest for this episode is Nikola Minkov, an entrepreneur, SEO expert, founder of SERP Conf, SERP Acad and most recently – Trackian. Nikola is also an experienced public speaker and a lecturer at Sofia University and various international institutions in Italy and Japan. 

Meet our guest

Name: Nikola Minkov

What they do: Nikola is the Founder and Executive Director of Bulgaria’s most internationally acclaimed SEO agency, Serpact. He is currently venturing into the startup world with Trackian, developing a SaaS product to serve digital marketers, online businesses, and Lead Generation sites.

Interesting fact: Nikola’s entrepreneurial ventures focus on optimising digital performance, and he proudly serves on the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association (BEA). Recently, he was recognised as a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Where to reach them:


Nikola Minkov, an entrepreneur, SEO expert, founder of SERP Conf, SERP Acad and most recently - Trackian

Effective content marketing begins with empathetic client understanding. By collecting insights into their pain points, goals, and unique advantages, we create content strategies that genuinely resonate and provide lasting value.

Nikola Minkov

SEO isn’t just about outcomes; it’s an investment in your future success.

Nikola Minkov

Short overview

We talk about SEO strategies and content marketing, with Nikola emphasising the importance of understanding the digital marketing landscape and focusing on valuable content creation for users rather than solely for SEO purposes. Nikola highlights one common SEO mistake business owners make: sacrificing long-term success for quick results, and offers guidance on when and why to consider hiring an SEO agency. He also provides valuable insights on recognising red flags and asking the right questions when selecting an SEO agency to collaborate with. We discuss domain name strategies and choices based on business goals, as well as how domains’ impact on SEO and branding has evolved over time. Our conversation continues with the significance of long-term SEO strategies, distinguishing them from the rapid outcomes achievable through paid advertising. Nikola shares the evolution of SERP Conf, from its online inception in 2021 to its triumphant expansion, outlining plans for continued growth and specialisation in SEO, SEM, social media, and e-commerce. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for SERP Conf 2024 on April 19th in Sofia, Bulgaria – an outstanding event for SEO, e-commerce, and digital marketing professionals in Eastern Europe, featuring conferences, expos, and networking opportunities with industry elites.

Key moments

  • SEO strategies and content marketing. (0:03)
  • SEO mistakes, strategy, and domain names. (6:47)
  • Branding, naming, and marketing strategies. (15:07)
  • Domain name strategy and branding. (24:13)
  • Recognizing valuable SEO agencies and strategies. (30:38)
  • SEO conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, with industry experts. (38:18)

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