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Schlesinger Group Rebrands to Sago: A Symbol of the Future and a Clear Reflection of the Company's Current Position
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

On March 1st, 2023, Schlesinger Group, a leading provider of research and data solutions, announced a rebrand that would transform the company’s 57-year legacy into a new brand called Sago. Along with a new name, Sago also introduced a new visual identity, website, and refreshed positioning.

This is an exciting period of transition for our company. The Sago rebrand underscores our focus on speed, action and simplicity—research experts delivering global audiences and adaptive solutions through advanced research technology. Sago brings the human connections necessary to help clients make better, faster decisions in this new age of insights.

Reed Cundiff, CEO at Sago

According to the statement, the Sago brand symbolises the company’s future and better reflects its positioning today—delivering managed and self-serve research solutions at the speed of clients’ decisions.

Giving our brand a fresh name and visual identity links to the legacy of Schlesinger Group while drawing attention to the simplicity and innovative approach of Sago’s solutions today. The new brand distinguishes how we present who we are in the same way that our obsession with the client and respondent experience differentiates how we work.

Ellie Ahmadi, CMO at Sago

It is worth noting that the word “sago” has an interesting origin. Sago is actually an edible starch which is obtained from a palm and is a staple food in parts of the tropics.

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