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Rebranding to Fortra: Elevating HelpSystems' Cybersecurity Solutions to the Next Level
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

HelpSystems, a leading US-based security software company, has announced its rebranding to Fortra. The new name reflects the company’s recent pivot towards cybersecurity, and its mission to provide comprehensive cyber defense solutions to global customers.

Our growth via strong strategic acquisitions has created powerful cybersecurity offerings, and we felt we needed a new name that was synchronous with this.

Mike Devine, CMO at Fortra

The rebrand unifies the company, which has undergone several acquisitions in recent years, under one cohesive brand. With over 3,000 employees, offices in 18 countries, and 30,000 global customers, Fortra has built a best-in-class portfolio with key capabilities in data security, infrastructure protection, and managed security services through acquisitions of companies such as Alert Logic, Digital Guardian, Cobalt Strike, Tripwire, Digital Defense, Terranova Security, and more.

The new name was chosen to better reflect the company’s position as one of the best cyber security providers in the world. The name embodies the concepts of protection and strength, signifying Fortra’s commitment to providing secure and robust solutions to its customers.

We began thinking about a new name with words that signified protection and strength, like ‘fortress,’ ‘fort,’ and ‘forte.’ That sense of power is behind the word ‘Fortra’ and is also why the logo is in all caps. But then the blue and green are colors you see in nature every day. That combination felt soft, couching this all-caps word. The ‘A’ in the logo is a triangle and the Greek letter delta, indicating positive change. This is meaningful for us as it’s a nod to our mission.

Mike Devine, CMO at Fortra

The rebrand also came with a new domain name, An exact match .com domain name can convey a sense of professionalism and credibility to customers and business partners, as well as help the brand stand out from competitors online and establish trust and authority. This is especially important for a company that has achieved growth and established itself in the market.

While it may be tempting to save money by opting for a cheaper, compromise domain name, the potential loss in terms of brand recognition and revenue should not be underestimated. Investing in a premium domain name is a smart business move that can pay off in the long run. Contact us to learn more about our premium domain options and how they can help your business grow.

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