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Podcasts as a Powerful Marketing Tool: An Exploration with Noemi Beres
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Today our guest is Noemi Beres. Noemi is a linguist by education who helps her clients in finding their target audience and increasing brand awareness, generating instant traffic and quality leads.

Meet our guest

Name: Noemi Beres

What they do: Noemi is the co-owner of Podcast Connections, a company based on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus that helps entrepreneurs build, generate, establish, and repeat success through podcast interviews.

Fun fact: Noemi started her podcast agency after the travel industry collapsed as a result of the pandemic, as she had previously run her own travel marketing agency prior to 2020.

Where to reach them:


When targeting a podcast audience, the most crucial aspect is to find your niche through research. Once your niche is defined, it will be easier to connect with your target listeners and customers.

Noemi Beres

Short overview

Noemi, a well-travelled individual with experience living in various countries throughout Europe and currently residing in Cyprus, joins us to share her unique journey from Scandinavian linguistics to podcasting. We explore the subject of why podcasts can be a powerful marketing tool and discuss the services offered by Noemi’s company, Podcast Connections. Noemi shares her insight on common mistakes entrepreneurs make when utilizing podcasts for business growth and provides valuable tips for those considering appearing on podcasts.

We also discuss the evolution of podcasts and the impact of technology on them. Noemi reveals her plans for the upcoming year and what exciting developments are in store for Podcast Connections.

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