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Rebranding Due to Mispronunciation: The Success Story of Ooni
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Rebranding isn’t just a surface-level change; it can be a strategic shift that can fundamentally change how a company is perceived, received, and ultimately how successful it is. Whether it’s due to the evolving nature of a company, a growing target market, or other significant changes, a rebrand can be the rejuvenation strategy a business needs.

One of the main reasons for rebranding is when the company name becomes a barrier to its growth. A prime example of this is the transformation of Uuni into Ooni.

Uuni was a brand renowned for its innovative pizza ovens and commitment to its community. Yet, the company faced a specific problem: people mispronounced its name. In an era where word-of-mouth and digital visibility are king, a name that’s difficult to pronounce can inhibit organic growth and brand recognition. Users would mistype it in search engines, and voice-activated AI assistants would fumble. The problematic spelling in Uuni’s case led to frequent autocorrections, diverting potential customers elsewhere. Instead of clinging to their original name, the company took a bold step by opting for a name that was phonetically similar but more intuitive to spell and say: Ooni.

As we grew, our name had a couple of challenges. A lot of people couldn’t pronounce or spell it! Sometimes it would get autocorrected to ‘Unni’. Or people would pronounce it ‘you-nee’, or spell it as ‘Uni’ and Google would offer them suggestions on where to go to university. We’re all for education, but that wasn’t really our goal…So we decided it was time to make a change: let’s not change our name, only the way it’s spelled!  

Ooni’s team

The transformation of Uuni into Ooni, along with the acquisition of the new domain, serves as an example of the impact a well-thought-out rebranding strategy can have. From changing one letter in the name to acquiring a new domain, every step was aimed at making the brand more accessible and authoritative. The result is a brand that retains its core essence while becoming much more user-friendly, illustrating that sometimes the smallest changes can really make the biggest difference.

Uuni rebrands to Ooni

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