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MortgageHippo is Changing Its Name to Revvin to Reflect the Company's Strategic Evolution
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

MortgageHippo, the leading low-code/no-code digital lending platform, recently announced a strategic rebrand adopting a new name, Revvin. The company stated that the new brand name was inspired and comes from the sound a high-performance engine makes when running at peak efficiency. Revvin better conveys the company’s mission to democratize technology for a world where every financial institution can act like a leading-edge fintech – without writing code.

There is no other digital lending platform on the market today that is as powerful and flexible as Revvin. By focusing our attention on helping lenders of different types and sizes create the frictionless experiences their borrowers increasingly demand, we help lenders complete their journeys toward full digital lending and higher profitability.

Marvin Chang, Chief Commercial Officer, Revvin

The limiting was left behind in favor of the short and straightforward One word .com domains project authority and professionalism and are much easier to type, remember and share, thus improving user experience and conversions. The new name allows Revvin to expand beyond just mortgages as a service and will help the brand build stronger relationships with their customers, business partners, and investors.

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