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MidSouth Floors Transforms into Structis: A Rebranding Story of Synergy and Growth
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

MidSouth Floors, a leading provider of innovative solutions in floor underlayment and insulation in the Southeast US, has joined the MaxTech family and rebranded as Structis. As a pioneer in technological advancements, MaxTech welcomes Structis as a significant addition to its diverse family of companies.

This rebrand reflects MidSouth Floors’ commitment to building upon its former brand’s legacy while embracing new opportunities for innovation and continuing its unwavering dedication to superior client service. The integration of Structis into the MaxTech ecosystem is set to open doors to new synergies, resources, and opportunities, ultimately benefiting both customers and stakeholders. 

Rebranding after an acquisition serves as a multifaceted strategy to establish a unified brand identity, reposition the combined entity in the market, and eliminate brand overlap. It aids in integrating different company cultures, overcoming any negative associations of the acquired company, and expanding the overall brand equity.

This rebranding marks an exciting chapter in our company’s growth story. Under the MaxTech brand, we are confident that Structis will continue to flourish, empowering our customers with innovative construction solutions that drive excellence and efficiency in their projects.

Michael Berry, CFO of Structis

The name Structis symbolises the company’s adaptability and broad expertise, reaffirming its commitment to delivering top-tier solutions through the trusted local team its clients know well. It also represents a strategic shift from a regionally suggestive name to a more universally appealing brand, reflecting the company’s wider reach beyond the southern U.S. market.

The investment in the exact brand match domain is an important component of the rebrand, ensuring a solid online presence for the business, not limited to any service or market expansions that the future may open as opportunities.

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