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Uniting Forces: BradyIFS + Envoy Solutions Rebrands to BradyPLUS
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Following the merger of BradyIFS and Envoy Solutions in October 2023, the combined entity has announced a rebrand, introducing its new name: BradyPLUS. The rebrand marks a strategic milestone in the company’s journey to unify operations and enhance its market presence as a leading national distributor in janitorial/sanitation, food service disposables, and industrial packaging products.

The new branding is timely and consistent with the continued radical simplification of our great company – offering integrated capabilities and exceptional experiences nationally, all in service of our customers. In my opinion, we have the only sustainable and scalable model in our space.

Kenneth D. Sweder, CEO & Chairman of BradyPLUS

According to the statement, the choice of the name BradyPLUS is a tribute to the company’s legacy of family-owned businesses and embodies its commitment to providing more each day for customers, communities, and associates. The inclusion of ‘PLUS’ in the name represents the company’s fundamental offering: Supplies PLUS Support – a comprehensive range of top-tier products and brands, expert advice, and exceptional customer experiences.

Our new name reflects the transformation of our company, our industry, and our passion for serving our customers. Customers today need more than a company that delivers supplies; they need a partner that provides tailored support and solutions, enabling them to be more successful and their operations more productive.

Kenneth D. Sweder, CEO & Chairman of BradyPLUS

In aligning with its new identity, BradyPLUS has secured the exact brand match domain, This acquisition is pivotal for the company’s online branding and marketing efforts. A domain matching the brand name simplifies the online journey for users, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to being easily reachable and customer-centric.

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