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Massdrop Rebrands to Drop: From Niche Site to Global Brand
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

On 29 April 2019, Massdrop unveiled its rebrand to Drop. The company smartly acquired the exact brand match domain name now directs to, and they also managed to secure the @Drop Twitter and Instagram handles.

The name Massdrop originated when we were just a group-buying site, but we are so much more than that now – and you are anything but “mass”.

Steve El-Hage, former CEO of Drop

Massdrop’s rebranding to “Drop” marked a significant strategic milestone for the company, allowing it to broaden its product focus and align with its mission of creating community-driven products.

This new brand reflects how we’ve evolved since our beginnings in 2012, from group-buying site to commerce platform and now, a product company made possible by your deep commitment to passions.

Steve El-Hage, former CEO of Drop

In July 2023, Drop’s journey of success was marked by the announcement that CORSAIR®, a leader in high-performance gaming and content creation equipment, had entered into an agreement to purchase certain assets.

CORSAIR is the ideal partner to help Drop grow and continue to fulfil its purpose of creating amazing community-driven products. With a worldwide sales and logistics footprint, we’ll be able to make Drop products more widely available, faster, while retaining the enthusiast-led product development that has seen millions of fans trust Drop for their setup and hardware.

Jef Holove, CEO of Drop

As part of the acquisition, Drop will maintain its unique brand identity as well as ensure seamless continuity of warranty, purchase, and customer support through its dedicated team at CORSAIR.

Massdrop Rebrands to Drop

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