domain upgrade Makes the Best of Their Marketing With

MandM Direct upgraded its domain name from to a shorter that is great for their site’s visitors, considering they have a better chance of arriving at their intended website.

CapsuleCares․com is Now Easier to Reach With

In the early days, the company was hosted at before upgrading to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) in January 2020. Beats Traffic Leaks with

In August 2021, the company announced that it dropped the letter “H” from its name on its Twitter account. Along with this change, the platform logically decided to acquire a matching domain name as well.

Tell Me You're Global, Without Telling Me - Invests in

According to Whois records, Forge acquired the domain name in August 2021. At this time, the domain is forwarding to

Which is More Credible or moved from the domain to Nice upgrade for the company considering .com is perceived as stronger and more credible than newer alternatives. Celebrates 20th Anniversary Investing in

Structure Studios upgraded its domain name from to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain in the first quarter of 2021. It’s amazing how a great domain name can enhance the value of a business as a brand. Signals Strength with

Ribbon upgraded its domain name from to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain in June 2021.

Clubhouse is Here to Stay - Invests in

Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse is an audio only chat app that went widely popular over the course of 2021. The app was initially available to iPhone users only, with an invitation from exiting members. Whether it was the pandemic and people finding new ways to pass time, the exclusivity factor or a combination of […] Eyeing Expansion With Investment

This German startup upgraded its domain name from to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain

Detect Thinks Big, Invests in

Upgrading from, the company acquired the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain in March 2021. Improves Trust and Security with

Launched in 2012, the company started out on the domain name and they upgraded to the EBM (Exact Brand Match) in December 2013. Becomes Leader in Cross-border Payments with

On March 2nd, Wise announced that the company is moving its brand from to the EBM domain name Wisely, right?

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