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KemPharm Transforms into Zevra, Focused on Advancing Rare Disease Therapeutics
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

KemPharm, a rare disease therapeutics company, changed its name to Zevra Therapeutics. The rebrand signifies the company’s amplified commitment and focuses towards creating innovative, patient-centred therapies for rare conditions that have limited or no existing treatments available.

Zevra is Greek for zebra, the official symbol of rare disease. The idea came from the medical school adage, “when you hear hoofbeats, don’t expect a zebra,” meaning, illness is most likely caused by something common, not rare. However, in a world of horses, we are paying attention to the zebras, people with rare diseases. In honor of our commitment, we named our company for them.

Zevra’s team

The zebra, which is universally recognised as the symbol of the rare disease community across the globe, was chosen by Zevra to signify their dedication to creating a profound impact on the lives of patients grappling with these intricate conditions.

The distinct stripes of an individual zebra symbolize the many rare diseases represented by these patient communities. To us, like the infinite, unique possibilities of a zebra’s stripes, we believe there are boundless pathways for therapeutics to achieve regulatory approval and reach people with rare diseases.

Zevra’s team

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