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A New Era in Addiction Rehabilitation: The Impact of's Comprehensive Platform and Strong Brand Identity
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read is an innovative, patient-first platform that provides individuals and families seeking addiction, cost, and location-based rehabilitation centres with impartial and dependable options. Since its launch, has attracted over one million organic users to its website, partnered with about 200 facilities, and collected data on over 3,000 facilities through 400 data points.’s success is rooted in Nagle’s personal experience. The platform’s objective is to provide a community for those struggling with addiction and connect them with providers who care.

According to Nagle, 2022 was the best year for the company as connected more patients to providers than ever before. 

The acquisition of the exact brand match domain name,, was a significant milestone for the company. Founder Patrick raised $3,500,000 in debt vs equity financing to acquire the domain name and finance the business. When asked about the domain name’s value, Nagle simply replied, “It’s priceless.” 

The domain name’s simplicity and clarity instantly convey its purpose, making it easy for users to understand what the website offers. It is not only easy to remember but also easy to type, which is crucial for users searching for information on rehabilitation centres and services. In addition, the exact brand match domain name provides a unique competitive advantage in the digital space. It makes it easier for the platform to be found in search engines and helps to attract organic traffic. This results in a wider reach and increased exposure for the brand.

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