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Investing Made Easy: An Interview with Wizest's Founder Axel Thibon
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Today, our guest is Axel Thibon, an entrepreneur who has been working in finance for over six years and, through his experience, understood that a great number of people think that investing is complicated and intimidating. He created Wizest, a platform to make investing accessible, transparent, engaging and easier. 

Meet our guest

Name: Axel Thibon

What they do: Founder of Wizest, a platform that opens access to a community of vetted financial experts and provides investing tools, learning materials and social investing opportunities for anyone who wants to start investing.

Fun fact: Axel’s background is in mechanical engineering, and he describes himself as an engineer by training rather than a finance person. This made it difficult for him to start investing due to a lack of knowledge, leading him to create his own platform that aims to help individuals like him educate themselves more easily and begin investing independently.

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Axel Thibon

Short overview

Axel comes from a mechanical engineering background; he discusses what led him to the world of investments and inspired him to create his own platform, Wizest. We discuss the platform’s services, problem-solving abilities, and what differentiates it from competitors. Axel explains how he came up with the platform’s name, a creative misspelling of “wisest.” We also talk about common misconceptions people have when it comes to investing, red flags for investing resources, and what to consider when choosing an online investing platform. We also explore the role of artificial intelligence in finance and investment. Although Wizest has just launched, it has a lot in store, so be sure to check it out and explore the world of investing.

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