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How to Sell Without Selling: Allan Langer's Guide to Building Trust
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Our guest for this episode is Allan Langer, a coach, speaker, and best-selling author. With his podcast and numerous guest appearances, Allan brings a wealth of knowledge in sales strategies and business development. He specialises in delivering customised workshops, seminars, and training that provide actionable advice on increasing sales numbers and enhancing various aspects of business performance.

Meet our guest

Name: Allan Langer

What they do: Allan is the founder of The 7 Secrets Sales Academy, where he serves as an international sales trainer and coach. He upgrades sales teams and individual reps through a human-centred, customised sales process, mainly focusing on the remodelling and in-home selling industry. His innovative approach enhances genuine customer connections and significantly boosts sales performance.

Interesting fact: Allan is an early advocate of using storytelling in sales, a method that has recently become widely popular. He emphasises the importance of using analogies and metaphors in storytelling to simplify complex concepts, as demonstrated by his middle school science teacher, who effectively explained gravity by simply dropping a baseball on a desk.

Where to reach them:


You’ll be amazed if you simply ask the right questions and understand the customer. That’s all they want. You’ve solved their problem, you’re going to sell, and it sounds so simplistic, and sales is not rocket science, but so many people don’t understand that. Sales is not a numbers game; it’s a human game. As long as you’re human and you’re there to help them, the person will feel that, and you’ll have a much better chance of selling whatever you sell.

Allan Langer

Branding is everything, and with the explosion of LinkedIn since COVID, personal branding has become crucial. People don’t do business with companies; they do business with the people who represent those companies. Even if you work for a big name like Apple, it’s your personal brand that matters. If people don’t like you, they won’t do business with you, and by extension, not with Apple.

Allan Langer

Short overview

Allan Langer shares his background in sales, highlighting over 25 years of experience, notably as the top sales rep for Andersen Windows. His writing journey began with a best-selling book on his sales success, leading to speaking engagements and the founding of his The 7 Secrets Sales Academy.

We discuss why people often distrust salespeople, usually because of aggressive sales tactics used in the past. Allan references a study indicating that our brains might shut down when we detect a sales pitch. He emphasises the importance of salespeople focusing on helping rather than selling to connect with customers and enhance their sales success genuinely.

Allan also talks about his sales philosophy and storytelling techniques, highlighting the seven secrets of sales, which are rooted in understanding the psychology of sales rather than just tactics.

He shares insights on improving sales techniques through storytelling and customised training. Describing his unique approach to work, Allan sets himself apart from typical sales trainers by spending a full day with a company to truly grasp its dynamics and customer journey. He then crafts a tailored sales process based on his seven secrets, adjusting the training to meet the specific needs of the company and its sales team.

Allan has focused his brand around his personal identity, launching it under while also linking to it. Understanding the power of personal branding, he acknowledges that people tend to trust and do business with individuals rather than companies, underscoring the significance of personal branding.

Successful brands are built on personality, not just company identity.

Allan Langer

Allan points out that while AI is revolutionary and can be immensely beneficial when used properly, it is often misused in sales for excessive automation. This misuse leads to a saturation of impersonal communications, which he predicts will cause a shift back towards valuing human interactions as people become weary of automated approaches.

Key moments

  • Sales techniques and the importance of understanding customers.  (0:05)
  • Sales philosophy and storytelling techniques. (9:02)
  • Improving sales techniques through storytelling and customised training. (14:14)
  • Personal branding and domain strategy for businesses. (19:21)
  • AI impact on sales, with a focus on human connection. (24:04)
  • Sales strategies and the importance of listening to customers. (27:36)

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