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GreenFig Rebrands to Ziplines Education, Celebrates with $6.4 Million Series A Funding
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Founded in 2017, GreenFig has established itself as a leader in the education industry, collaborating with universities to offer industry-specific certificate courses that prepare professionals for the digital-first workforce, enabling them to confidently pursue their desired careers. In a significant development in February 2024, GreenFig announced its rebrand to Ziplines Education.

Why Ziplines? Learning is a journey — it’s intimidating, exhilarating, challenging, and continuous. When you’re ziplining, you have a starting point and an endpoint. You soar from tree to tree with a distinct goal in mind. You’re focused on accomplishing something efficiently in swift, impactful, measurable timeframes. Where one zipline ends, another begins. Just like continuous learning. It’s about viewing your world from a different vantage point and challenging your perspectives. It’s an opportunity to step back and consider what’s important to achieving that next level of career success that may have felt slightly outside your reach — until now. Ziplines Education is here to challenge perspectives in education for the digital age. 

Sara Leoni, CEO

Alongside this change, the company secured a significant financial milestone, closing a $6.4 million Series A funding round, with the San Francisco-based Jackson Square Ventures leading the investment.

Jackson Square Ventures invests in innovative young companies like Ziplines Education that have what it takes to be market leaders. We’re excited to partner with Ziplines Education as they pioneer a platform that gives individuals the digital skills and real-world experience they need to thrive in today’s most in-demand careers.

Greg Gretsch, Managing Director of Jackson Square Ventures

Ziplines Education has acquired both and domains. This move strengthens the brand’s online presence and plays a crucial role in its global reach and market positioning. The commitment to a strong domain strategy underscores the company’s dedication to maintaining a robust and protected brand identity as it continues to evolve in the education sector.

In February 2024, GreenFig rebranded to Ziplines Education. The company also raised $6.4 million in Series A funding round.

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