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By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

GuardianPool, or GPooL was built by veterans of the crypto currency space and is based on a community-inspired vision to provide secure pooling services across numerous digital assets. The target audiences for GPooL are individuals and institutions who do not wish to, or cannot, run nodes on their own yet still wish to capture a yield on their assets across multiple coins.

The brand originally launched on the .io extension – a common choice with tech startups due to the reference to input/output. There are some benefits of country domain extensions, there are however some risks to consider too. And as the brand developed, dealing with sensitive information in a space where trust is of paramount importance – digital currencies – the team soon realized that compromising with their domain is not a good strategy for the future.

In October 2021 GPooL secured the .com for their brand and is currently operating both domain names. Another player in the digital currency space – Genesis Pool – who also has a $GPOOL coin, missed the opportunity to secure the global match of their brand name and operates on As per their latest post regarding the launch of their staking platform, « Genesis Pool refuses to conform to mediocrity »….hmm, not when it comes to their domain it seems.

How does your brand name match your company vision? What new horizons can a better name open? Get in touch if you feel your brand deserves a better name, we are always happy to help.

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