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From HydroMassage to Holistic Health: The Rebranding Journey of WellnessSpace Brands
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

WellnessSpace Brands is embarking on an exciting new journey, reimagined and reborn from its original identity, HydroMassage. With a rich 30-year legacy as a pioneer in hydrotherapy, the brand is evolving, embracing a broader mission to enhance holistic wellness for mind and body.

Welcoming a new era, WellnessSpace Brands introduces itself with a renewed focus. The transformation isn’t just in the name but reflects a wider vision. 

As the focus of traditional fitness shifts towards a more holistic approach to wellness and recovery, innovative companies are adapting by expanding their offerings. They aim to provide world-class, versatile products that meet everyone’s needs. With the rebrand, WellnessSpace Brands is at the forefront of this evolution, embracing the swift growth and establishment of wellness and recovery as the new norm. The brand is committed to making wellness technologies and products easily accessible, ensuring they become a part of everyone’s daily routine, and fostering long-term success and well-being for their customers.

Especially over the past several years, it’s been very clear to see how much the conversation has changed in regards to wellness and recovery. For health-oriented businesses like fitness clubs, we now see almost all major operators making wellness spaces a standard part of their model to help clients live more active, healthy lifestyles. That is really exciting, and we’re pleased to now have a suite of wellness solutions to help fill that need.

Paul Lunter, Founder and CEO of WellnessSpace Brands

While a testament to their mastery in hydrotherapy, the initial name HydroMassage was somewhat limiting, focusing the brand’s identity primarily on water-based therapeutic innovations. This is a common challenge many companies face, where a name, once a powerful embodiment of a brand’s offering, gradually becomes a constraint, limiting its perceived capabilities and market expansion. 

The company has tactically broadened its horizon by investing in a more encompassing brand identity, WellnessSpace Brands, paired with the acquisition of the exact brand match domain, This not only elevates the brand’s market positioning but also unveils a spectrum of opportunities, allowing for a diverse array of innovative wellness solutions under a unified, more versatile brand umbrella.

HydroMassage Rebrands to WellnessSpace Brands

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