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From Branding to Music and more: Tatiana's Interview on 'You Could Be My Aramis' Podcast
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After being a guest on our podcast series, Mike Bankhead has invited our CEO, Tatiana Bonneau, to his show, the You Could Be My Aramis podcast. Tatiana’s interview offers a captivating blend of personal stories and professional insights.


About five years ago I discovered domain names in a different light. Before that I was aware of domains just from the technical side of it – you want to have a website, you want to have a company email – you have to get a domain name, you check what’s available, you get it for $10 and that’s it. I never thought of domain names as a huge part of the naming and branding effort. That’s how and started – I realised I’m not the only one, there are so many people who deal with domain names and their business depends on domain names but they don’t realise the importance of domains, don’t have domain strategy.

Tatiana Bonneau

We put significant effort into curating and creating content, conducting research, and assisting individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of the power of domain names and naming strategies.

Tatiana Bonneau

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Tatiana Bonneau is a valuable asset to both and, where she works diligently to assist entrepreneurs in making informed decisions about their online brands. Her passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with an interest in technology and its impact on our daily lives, has led her to focus on the naming and branding of business names and domains as brand assets. Tatiana is more than happy to provide valuable insights and ideas to anyone with a serious interest in these topics.

In this podcast, Tatiana opened up about her personal life, sharing intimate details about her family and hobbies. She discussed her journey into the world of naming and branding, revealing the inspiration behind her decision to pursue this career path. Tatiana also shed light on the nature of her work at and, including the type of clients she typically works with. Throughout the podcast, the conversation shifted to different topics, including music, food and fun childhood stories. 

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